90 Miles From Tyranny : The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #2210

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Thursday, September 21, 2023

The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #2210

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.
Welcome Adventurer, To The Mystery Box!


The Best of Visage à trois:


Need More Box?

That's all for now folks!


Anonymous said...

The flamethrower looks like a fun toy. Handy, say, for clearing the roadway during a protest.

ken said...

LBJ was POTUS when Reagan gave this speach "a time for choosing"

DenTex said...

Mr. Water Man had me until he said "supposably". Twice.

Anonymous said...

Ground water will pick up minerals and salts depending on the rock it is flowing through and over. Spring water maybe excellent tasting of loaded with sulfur or iron. Not everything is a conspiracy.