90 Miles From Tyranny : Rep. Matt Gaetz Formally Makes His Move to Oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy

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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Rep. Matt Gaetz Formally Makes His Move to Oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) formally moved Monday to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), filing a motion to vacate the chair.

The House must vote within two legislative days on the motion itself or on a separate motion to table or dispense with it.

Gaetz has threatened to bring the motion for weeks if McCarthy brought a stopgap spending bill to the floor that required Democrats to pass, as McCarthy did Saturday after Republican holdouts blocked earlier attempts. He has also accused McCarthy of breaking multiple promises.

The Florida congressman has been one of McCarthy’s most ardent foes. In the January speaker’s race, Gaetz refused to support McCarthy on the 14th ballot, voting “present” to deny McCarthy when he and his allies believed they had enough votes to secure his speakership.

Gaetz reportedly blames McCarthy for an ongoing ethics investigation that could potentially lead to Gaetz’s expulsion from the House.

WATCH — McCarthy to Rep. Gaetz: “Bring It On,” I’ll Survive as Speaker:
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The motion will require widespread Democrat support to succeed. Gaetz has reportedly offered Democrats subpoena power in the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden in exchange for...

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FrankP said...

Good for Matt Gaetz! Unfortunately, with the number of RINOs in the House AND the fact that McCarthy would sell his party out to the Dems to remain Speaker, this is unlikely to go anywhere good.

Anonymous said...

Considering how corrupt the House is, this will probably backfire on Gaetz & he'll be the one kicked out, not that POS McCarthy.

Grifter said...

Yes like in August 2019 in Italy, when Matteo Salvini was pushing back against immigration and called for a no confidence vote against the prime minister, but in the end Salvini was ousted

EN2 SS` said...

Well, Goetz won and McCunthy is OUT as Speaker of the House of Ill Repute.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha gasp wheeze Bwahahahahahahahahahaha

That smug b*st*rd McCarthy got his ass handed to him, finally and rightfully so.

I saw him on TV a couple hours ago lying like a Demonrat about how he didn't break every promise he made to the conservative caucus during his election. McCarthy didn't deliver crap. The biggest promise he broke was not delivering "regular order" on spending bills, thus the stop gap bill which was passed last week. Same old, same old BS from the DC swamp.

It took him how many months just to allow THE START of the Impeachment Inquiry, when information on Bribem's corruption has been floating around in public almost since the day Bribem was sworn in, with new revelations coming almost daily?

If Pelosi was still Speaker and there was a Republican President with these revelations against him, she'd have had him Impeached, convicted in the Senate and they'd be piping light to whoever it was by now. McCarthy? Not so much.

Then there was the revelation, which McCarthy is denying, that he made a side deal with the Demonrats on more Ukraine funding in the new spending bill they have to come up with in 44 days.

Now that McCarthy is out, expect a .gov shut down around the first of December. Then expect the dindu riots to start when their EBT cards don't have any money for crab legs and fillet minion and they can't make their Escalade payments or buy gas for those monsters. Those riots will be quickly followed by all of the illegals rioting when their Welfare beni's aren't topped up right before Christmas.

I know this is wishful thinking, but maybe a whole bunch of illegals will self deport when they can't buy food and they get tossed onto the street because the eagle won't sh*t any more free money to pay their hotel bills.

We can only hope.