90 Miles From Tyranny : Ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden Smears Patriotic American Christians: ‘No Different’ from Hamas Terrorists

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Friday, November 24, 2023

Ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden Smears Patriotic American Christians: ‘No Different’ from Hamas Terrorists

Former NSA and CIA chief Michael Hayden, who has fashioned a post-government career attacking and censoring conservatives, is spending his Thanksgiving week smearing patriotic American Christians who own firearms, claiming they are “no different” from Hamas terrorists.

On Wednesday, Michael Hayden responded to a post on X that juxtaposed two photos: one of a woman holding an American flag, Bible, and handgun; the other of Palestinian terrorist Reem Riyashi, who killed herself along with four Israelis in a 2004 suicide bombing that was claimed by Hamas and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.

“No different at all,” Hayden chimed in.

Hayden’s preposterous claim comes less than two months after Hamas terrorists launched their October 7 massacre of approximately 1,200 Israelis, the worst attack on Jewish people since the Holocaust.

His alarming rhetoric is part of his ongoing smear campaign against conservatives, particularly supporters of former President Donald Trump. In a social media post this week, the former spy chief called for Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville to be removed from the “human race.”

Last year, he claimed the GOP was more dangerous than Al Qaeda and ISIS.

In addition to serving as a CNN talking head, Hayden works as an adviser for NewsGuard — the organization that claims to be a neutral resource for consumers to find trustworthy news outlets. In reality, the group steers people toward left-leaning, corporate-owned media, including those that have published verifiable disinformation without corrections.

Newsguard also targets right-wing news sites in what amounts to attempts to censor and...

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MarkD said...

Professional liar, lied to Congress, his word is worth absolutely nothing. If he says today is Friday, I'm checking the calendar.

Anonymous said...

He deserves to have both his military and GS retirements rescinded.

Rich said...

Wasn't he the guy that converted to Islam?