Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Ashley Feinberg, a Gizmodo contributor whose impressive credentials include writing for the since-defamed rag Gawker, published a fallacious report Monday claiming President-elect Donald Trump had fired the federal officials responsible for maintaining the nation’s nuclear arsenal.
According to an official within the Department of Energy, the Trump transition team has declined to ask the head of the National Nuclear Security Administration and his deputy to temporarily stay in their roles after Trump takes office on January 20th …
Trump … appears determined to be free of anyone who was appointed by Obama, regardless of whether or not he has anyone in line for the job. Or, as our source put it: “It’s a shocking disregard for process and continuity of government.”
Later that same day, the real journalists at Defense News reached out to the National Nuclear Security Agency to confirm the veracity of Feinberg’s allegations and discovered that she was full of shit.

“The story is not accurate,” an NNSA official told them. “There have been no discussions between the president-elect’s transition team and any of NNSA’s political appointees on extending their public service past Jan. 20.”

In other words, Trump did not fire any federal officials from the NNSA; in fact, he has not even spoken to them yet about their positions or the possibility of them staying at the agency until replacements can be nominated and subsequently confirmed.


By then, though, it was already too late, as the hacks at Daily Kos, Opposing Views and the immensely erudite Teen Vogue, among other trite rags, had already...Read More HERE


  1. Also... it wouldn't matter. It is routine for all the political appointees to clear out their offices to make room for the new administration. I remember that this happened when Clinton took office and no one cared. Note: He also fired every federal prosecutor, including ones that were in the middle of trials, including the ones that were investigating he and his corrupt wife. There are plenty of career civil service underlings to ensure continuity. The bunkers will still be guarded. Engineers will still come to work to monitor reactor gauges.

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