90 Miles From Tyranny : How Political Correctness Hijacked Trump Inauguration Protesters’ Brains

Friday, January 13, 2017

How Political Correctness Hijacked Trump Inauguration Protesters’ Brains

The goal of the Left’s campaign against the Trump presidency is “mass resistance” to bring the administration down. Likely, that means you’ll be seeing lots of street protests of the 1960s variety, reminiscent of the campaigns to bring down Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon.

I suspect they will not only cause Bill Ayers to relive his glory days as a domestic terrorist, he will also be able to test out the inroads he made after 40 years engaged in radical education reform built entirely on the agitprop known as political correctness. These “reforms”—or mind arson, as Robin Eubanks so perfectly put it in her book “Credentialed to Destroy”— replace a child’s capacity for reason with raw emotional reflexes. The question is: How many will “rise up” and be mobilized like the good little drones political correctness has primed them to be?

Somehow, this all reminds me of a public service ad from 30 years ago that used a metaphor to warn about the harmful effects of drug abuse on the human brain. In it, a man holds up an egg and says “This is your brain.” He then points to a hot skillet and says, “This is drugs.” Finally, he cracks the egg into the skillet and as it loudly sizzles, he remarks: “This is your brain on drugs.”Read More HERE

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