Thursday, January 12, 2017

Florida man fakes Trump-inspired hate crime, own abduction after setting woman’s car on fire: Police

A Florida man is accused of setting his girlfriend’s car on fire and staging it as a Donald Trump-inspired hate crime before faking his own kidnapping, police said.

Vincent Palmer, 27, of Volusia County, admitted to detectives that he wrote a racist note and taped it to his girlfriend’s mailbox before breaking her car window, dousing the back seat in gasoline, and lighting it on fire, Ormond Beach police said Sunday.

The note read, “I have wathed [sic] you for a long time and your n—r kids don’t belong,” The Ormond Beach Observer reported. The words “KKK” and “TRUMP” were also reportedly written on the note.

Ormond Beach police and firefighters responded to Staci Winn’s home on Biltmore Drive shortly Saturday morning after she discovered her 2015 Chevrolet Sonic was ablaze, The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported.

Police said the victim called Mr. Palmer to tell him what happened and he showed up while they were still at the scene. After conducting a background check, police discovered Mr. Palmer had a warrant out for his arrest on child-support charges, so he was booked into...
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