90 Miles From Tyranny : Energy Security For Peace And Prosperity

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Energy Security For Peace And Prosperity

I have had this poster since I lifted it off of my University bulletin board in 1985.  It was such a prescient message then and has remained one all of these years since then.  This is a message that has always remained relevant and today, if we as a nation decide to get the testicular fortitude, the goal of energy independence is within our reach.  Let's get the keystone pipeline moving and refute the lies of the anti-frackers.  Let's do this America, let's roll!

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  1. It's not just oil, coal and natural gas that we need more production of here in the US.

    All of the rare-earth (lanthanide) element production has been shut down thanks to government regulation, despite the importance of those elements in electronics that run our gadget-dependent society.

    Ethanol mandates have resulted in literally less food production as well.

    The progressives are so bent on punishing this country for imagined wrongs they are destroying its self-sufficiency.


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