90 Miles From Tyranny : Do Jellyfish Need To Show Voter Id?

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Do Jellyfish Need To Show Voter Id?

What Rand Paul Said About Voter ID Really Offends Me.
There is a lot I like about Rand Paul, but he is dead wrong to pander to leftists who use voter fraud to steal elections and then with the media's help beat law abiding citizens up for wanting fair and free elections. 

Rand Paul once said, (when asked), it was ok for a taxi driver to deny service to a black person. He was right and it seems that he is now atoning for that remark in the wake up upcoming elections.

Now let's clarify my position.  There is no religious right to deny cake to a gay wedding, this is a human right.  Any free person should be free to not associate with anyone they want to, and this would include people who wear converse shoes, cut their hair or play video games...ANY reason they choose not to associate or do business with. Who does this limit? This limits the video game player in the short term and the shop owner in the long term. A new opportunity now opens up to another entrepreneur, who will likely put the biased shop owner out of business. This is the free market, this is freedom. It is tyranny and slavery to compel any person to perform work they do not want to perform.

Rand Paul is an idiot to allow the left to manipulate him away from advocating for fair and free elections. He is pandering to an electorate that will never vote for him and have no idea why they are mad about voter id. This would be the same id that they have to provide for obamacare which they are ecstatic to provide.

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edutcher said...

As I said elsewhere, it's the Libertarian coming out.

Libertarians' big thing is, as long as it doesn't cost me, I don't care.