90 Miles From Tyranny : Midnight Movies: Cat Saves Child From Vicious Dog Attack!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Midnight Movies: Cat Saves Child From Vicious Dog Attack!


  1. I don't understand why the adult just left the boys side and ran, leaving him alone again to get untangled from the bike and skedaddle. If the demon hound had returned for round 2, she wouldn't have been much help. Maybe I'm pickin at nits, as it is only an excerpt. I love dogs, but they are about 50% of the reason that I carry daily, working, around the house, and exercising (walking dogs/jogging), if a dog intends to do me or mine harm, I will take no joy in stopping it, but it will cease to be a menace. The first day that I had my CCW, I was working in inner city Dayton, I was lifting the hatchback of my HHR and hear growling, a collar, and nails on concrete, I jumped in and let the hatch close, just in the nick of time (completely forgot about my firearm, which led to more intense training). The little old lady (in her 90's) who's house I was working on, came to the door and fired several shots into the ground near the dog as it stalked around my car and scared it away. When I got in, she had a 22 revolver on a stand next to the door, she said she has called the police, and animal control but neither has done anything to her drug dealing neighbors who let their pit bulls escape the yard (a long running problem), that if she wasn't afraid of said neighbors, she would just shoot the damn dog. Inner City Dayton, broad daylight, residential neighborhood, 2 shots fired, no police response, go figure! That day convinced me to carry with a round in the chamber, and to train to a level where I could clear leather and fire while in physical contact with whomever or whatever is attacking. Sorry for the long story, glad the little boy had a guardian kitty.

    1. Agreed, if that were my child, he would have never left my arms until he received medical care.


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