90 Miles From Tyranny : The Art Of Manliness: How To Survive A Bear Attack..

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Art Of Manliness: How To Survive A Bear Attack..

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  1. Also: when in bear country, carry a large-caliber pistol, such as a .45ACP or a 10mm Auto, and consider adding an extended barrel. If the above steps do not work, defend yourself with your firearm.

  2. Being the size of a smaller grizzly myself, what I do in that event depends on the size of the bear. But I am with WK, to a degree. Not sure about a .45 or 10mm, though a .45 always goes with me into the bush (just black bears here), a 12 gauge, loaded with slugs, is what I would recommend in heavy bear country (light here). It's better than even a rifle at the ranges it would be used. But practice. A slug is absolutely useless on a charging bear if it hits a tree to the side, the dirt in front of it, or whizzes over the bear's head. I have heard they are notoriously hard to hit on the run... think of a wildly bucking horse coming at you.

    Oh, one other thing? Grizzlys cannot keep their balance running downhill/slope. Their front arms are shorter. If you have a relatively goodly distance downslope, use it to get some distance if need be, or possibly just get away. When it comes to survival, checking your ego at the door is wisdom. Drop the ego. Pickup the the firearm, leave the ego. It was in a movie, wasn't it? :p

    Never been, plan to go... researched well and spoke with non-eco, pro-human life, wanderers and outdoorsmen. Ignore almost anything a nature-loving government bureaucrat tells you. They aren't on your side. Nod your head, listen to see if there are some in your area, then completely ignore most else they suggest. It's what I've been told... "You don't need a gun!" ~ Thanks! Buh-bye.


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