90 Miles From Tyranny : Coburn: Convention of States Needed Because Washington Will Never Fix Itself

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Coburn: Convention of States Needed Because Washington Will Never Fix Itself

“Washington is never going to fix itself,” said former Sen. Tom

Coburn (R-OK), explaining why he intends to spend the next few years trying to “cheat history” by helping to organize the nation’s first-ever Convention of the States.

The purpose of the convention will be to rein-in a federal “leviathan” that he says has overstepped its constitutional bounds.

Under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, two-thirds of the state legislatures can call a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution that limit the scope and jurisdiction of the federal government.

Alaska, Florida and Georgia passed Article V resolutions last year. Two dozen other states are also considering that option.

On January 6, the House of Representatives passed House Rule XII, Section 3(c) ordering the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee to keep track of all Article V Convention applications and have the Clerk’s Office make them “publicly available in electronic form, organized by State of origin and year of receipt.”

“It’s a difficult job,” Coburn, who recently signed on as a senior advisor to the Convention of the States project, told CNSNews.com. “You have to get 34 states to agree. But the group is very well-organized and has over 200,000 grassroots activists helping them.”

Coburn admitted that calling a convention of the states is a tacit admission that Washington is unable to solve the...
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  1. Wrong.
    Form the Regiments, ready for War; then assemble the Constitutional Congress.

    Shoot any media jackal within 1000 yards of the building.

  2. It is a way. It might simply be another play for more time, as the Supreme Court rulings often are. There is so much wrong with how things are going, and done, that I'm not sure the states, even if they got together, could or would do much about it. Some of the biggest recipients of the treasury are states. Power might corrupt, but the root of all evil is golden. Then again, it's not like citizens are really doing anything. Writing letters and griping? Yeah, that'll fix it. Bleh.

  3. Agree on both comments because they are both right on. Assemble, THEN do. Writing letters, bitchin and whining is NOT going to accomplish shit. The media?? I wouldn't let them that close.


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