90 Miles From Tyranny : Muslim Explains Obama’s TRUE Intentions Behind a Nuclear Iran…And It’s NOT WHAT YOU THINK!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Muslim Explains Obama’s TRUE Intentions Behind a Nuclear Iran…And It’s NOT WHAT YOU THINK!

There’s more to meet the eye when it comes to Obama and Iran. Although we might think it has to do with America and Israel, it’s actually a lot more complicated than that.
Below is an op-ed written by Mark Christian, an ex-Muslim who left his faith over a decade ago to convert to Christianity. Founder of the Global Faith Institute, Mark has now dedicated his life to warning all who will listen about the true intentions of Islam.

mark christian
Mark Christian
Mark writes:

Obama’s main agenda is to give the Islamists the land they once controlled but lost in 1924, and to help them establish their dream caliphate, or “Pan Islamic Arabic Union,” as it has been referred to by Islamist leaders recently.
Obama knows that the main opposing forces of his evil plan, will not come from the American people, because the majority of Americans are suffering from confusion, ignorance, and political correctness. Americans are also divided over trivial things, and suffer from an absolute lack of leadership.

Barack Obama

One might ask then, who dares to stand in the way of Barack Obama, and his plan for the Islamic caliphate? The answer to that question, will come as a shock to many.
Vladimir Putin of Russia is the number one opponent of Obama and his plan an Islamic caliphate, but Putin is on his way out of the game. The second opposing force are the old guards and the monarchies of the Middle East, those whom we like to refer to as dictators. And despite the fact that they are all Sunni Muslims, they are not in favor of being tossed out of the game. But whether they like it or not, all of these types are on their way out too.
But the big one opposing force to Obama’s plan that will not go away any time soon, is IRAN.

iran map

Since Iran’s Muslims are made up of Shiite Muslims, they are a natural and historic enemy to any Sunni Islamic caliphate system, since they are very versed in the history of Islam. What the west chooses to ignore or even acknowledge, is that any Sunni caliphate will swallow up the Shiite of Iran. Because of that threat, Iran needs nuclear weapons to protect themselves, if the caliphate comes to fruition, and Obama’s ambitious plans are realized.
In the event of the establishment of the Pan Islamic Sunni Arabic Union, or caliphate, Iran needs to have the ability to bring Armageddon before the caliphate then turns on them, and having a nuclear weapon is is a safety issue for Iran, and a way to bring everyone down if necessary.
Do not get me wrong; Iran is not sitting quiet while all of that is taking place, but they have exerted tireless efforts to destroy Obama’s plans for an Islamic caliphate. Many strong and vicious efforts has been executed by the Iranians and on multiple fronts. But if Iran fails, and they are faced again with a Sunni Islamic caliphate once again, Iran will be prepared to resist them with a nuclear weapon.

iran testing nuclear weapons

The negotiation with Iran started back in 2013, right after the Benghazi attack. It was a big hit that put a big stall in the Obama/Clinton Arab spring initiative, which is actually the Pan Islamic Arabic Union, or caliphate, is disguise.
Obama decided to negotiate with the Iranians after he got hit hard in Benghazi and Syria. Now he wants to negotiate with the Iranians, asking that they delay their plans for a nuclear weapon for ten years. If after that time elapses and Iran feels the threat from the new caliphate is legitimate, then they will have the freedom to move forward with their nuclear plans.

Barack Obama with Iranian president

But it was clear then, and still till today, that Iran is capable and will do whatever it takes to mess up Obama’s plans, so he decided to negotiate with them instead.
America found itself, once again, negotiating nuclear policy with a terrorist state. President Obama told us back in 2013 that we can all take a deep breath, and that he was able to work a concession out of the Iranians, and that they have issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons.
Most Americans aren’t aware that the foundation of Iran’s nuclear program was laid on March 5th, 1957 by the United States, under an Eisenhower program called “Atoms for Peace.”  Iran established the Tehran Nuclear Research Center (TNRC) in 1967, which was a 5 megawatt nuclear research reactor, fueled by enriched uranium.  In 1968, Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and ratified it in 1...

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