90 Miles From Tyranny : Logic Puzzle: Linking Chains..

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Logic Puzzle: Linking Chains..

Marcus owns 13 chains. Each chain has a central link, interlocked with two other links. There is a total of 13 x 3 = 39 links, all closed.

Marcus wants to use all the small chains to make a closed chain of 39 links.  He needs 4 minutes to cut open a link and 10 minutes to close it by soldering.

Marcus makes the big chain in 140 minutes. How?

Marcus leaves 10 small chains intact and opens the 9 links on the lat 3. With these 9 links he connects the 10 first chains. To close the long chain he need only open and close a last link. Thus Marcus opens and closes 10 links, which is done in:

10 X (10 + 4) = 140 Minutes

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