90 Miles From Tyranny : Using “safety” to break a nation

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Using “safety” to break a nation

Lulling Americans into believing that government can provide a safety net for everything from stocking a pantry and providing healthcare, to preventing administrative offices from “shutting-down,” boosting the stock market and de-stressing the environment through regulating virtually every activity, results in an opposite effect… It destabilizes the economy.

As President Obama declared climate change to be the ultimate threat to national security, incidents stemming from the oil boom in North Dakota have increased in both occurrence and media coverage. Asserting that transporting necessary product to power the nation is dangerous has created a cover for vetoing Keystone and ramping-up superfluous methane emission and endless other environmental rules.

Replacing factual news coverage with propaganda predicting disasters that could plunge the nation into a financial or environmental crisis, the media helps orchestrate contrived hysteria. It encourages a paralyzing ‘safety syndrome.’ This is the strategy that drives the base argument for the debt ceiling, government shut-down debate.

Fueling this ‘safety syndrome’ is the recent spate of spontaneous explosions of tankers carrying crude oil from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota. Chalk it up to a suspicious nature (and having researched and written a fact-based novel about eco-terrorism, Energy Barons), but the continuous bad-mouthing by liberal media, pols and environmentalists of the American oil industry and the subsequent rash of...
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