90 Miles From Tyranny : Canadian Anti-Muslim Protesters Could Face Hate Crime Charges

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Canadian Anti-Muslim Protesters Could Face Hate Crime Charges

Police in Toronto, Ontario might charge a group of anti-Muslim protesters for violating hate crime laws.

A group with placards stating “Say No to Islam” was standing outside of Toronto’s Masjid mosque on Friday, and police say they received multiple complaints about the demonstration from some in the mosque and others who weren’t present.

Toronto Mayor John Tory, a former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, criticized the protest, calling it “Islamophobia” in a Tweet:

Constable Allyson Douglas-Cook told CBC News Saturday that the incident is being examined by police as a potential hate crime. The police constable claimed that there is a “fine line” between free speech and breaching hate crime laws but refused to specify what constitutes that distinction, adding, “That’s a conversation we’ve been having all day.”

The investigators plan to speak to witnesses, take statements and collect evidence if necessary. Mosque spokesman Abdul-Basit Khan claimed the protest was the worst he has seen since...
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