Thursday, February 23, 2017

Poll: 80% oppose sanctuary cities, majority support Trump immigration orders, including travel ban

80% is a yuge number. In polling terms, that’s almost astronomical.

80% of the American people almost never agree on anything. Yet that’s the number of respondents who want to end sanctuary cities in favor of local law enforcement reporting illegals to the feds.

That’s the top line of a new Harvard–Harris Poll, which contains some very good news for Trump and some very bad news for Democrats.

80% believe that cities which arrest illegals should be forced to turn them over to the feds.

88% have heard of Trump’s immigration orders, and 52% support them.

75% of voters support increasing the number of border patrol agents.

53% support Trump’s travel ban, and the number jumps to 60% if you remind respondents that it targets “7 Muslim-majority” countries.

51% believe we should be taking in fewer Syrian refugees.

About the only area where Trump finds himself under water is the border wall. According to this poll, it’s construction is opposed 53-47. However, this response comes after three weeks of Democrats screaming “racism” at every opportunity and amid reports that...Read More HERE

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