Friday, February 24, 2017

Chris Cuomo REALLY steps in it when he suggests 12-yr-old girls should accept naked boys in locker rooms

When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

That’s a lesson CNN shill Chris Cuomo obviously hasn’t learned yet. The younger brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo put his foot in his mouth again when he suggested that 12-year-old girls are being intolerant if they don’t want to share locker rooms with men.

The controversy erupted after a Twitter user asked Cuomo: “What do you tell a 12-year-old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?”

Cuomo, who has two daughters and a son, replied: “I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad (is)? Teach tolerance.”

Heated debates broke out all over social media Wednesday after President Trump rescinded President Obama‘s letter requiring public schools to let transgender students use the bathrooms and locker rooms of whatever gender they “identify with.”

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  1. I'm just wondering if he is trying to justify this so that he can shower with his daughters................

    1. He really needs to stop hanging out at Comet Ping Pong...

  2. I'm just wondering out loud, but is his BFF Anthony Wiener