90 Miles From Tyranny : Trolling Justin Trudeau...

Friday, February 24, 2017

Trolling Justin Trudeau...

The Cancer That Is Justin Trudeau:


  1. Worst Prime Minister ever, except maybe for his father.

  2. OMFG that is pretty darn cute. I think Trusty Justy is just the cutest thing ever! I want to pinch his widdle cheeks and then toss him into the flaming pits overflowing with deviant liberals. Oh, I hope that was pretty clear. This fool is destroying Canada. Yes, I grew up in a home where PET was adored by my French Canadien mother. The moment the boys were born, 2 induced to be born on December 25, I knew we were in for trouble and often said so. He does not resemble his father in the least which opens that other door that his mother opened as often as she opened her thighs. But he carries on his father's nasty ways and is, I believe, gayer than the sunniest day in spring. His wife is more than a mere beard, however, I believe she is his handler as well. Body language shows him to be very submissive whereas she is a very capable strong negotiator type.

    He is Obama in vanilla, born and bred to fulfill the destructive agenda of the Communist masters he serves, and we all know who they are. If you don't, for shame.

  3. He's worse in real life.




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