90 Miles From Tyranny : 2050: JAPAN NOT CHINA Will be Asia's DOMINANT Power

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2050: JAPAN NOT CHINA Will be Asia's DOMINANT Power

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Doom said...

They have a better chance than China. Their prospects are weak even so. They might change their financial heading if probably not before becoming a military power. The one may well undo the other. Further, the US may be backing out of former military arrangements, at the very least expecting others to pay more of the tab and expecting others to bleed more in their own defense. In any case, Japan may be forced into the nuclear game or lose to an enemy which has zero compassion. They may not believe it, but the US was far kinder than they deserved. China, or even the NorKs won't be. We need to pull out of both Japan and SK. Let them... understand, stand on their own. Then, if asked, appreciated, reimbursed, return to some lessor degree.

Japan will not survive without us. China might well go to war, if we aren't involved, just to try to save it's dying economy or hold back the tide of lost bachelors because of too few women. China is in serious trouble. Oh, and their millenials make ours seem decent.