90 Miles From Tyranny : Republicans Find A Spine, Pass Tax Cuts For Americans..

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Republicans Find A Spine, Pass Tax Cuts For Americans..

It ain't perfect, but I was ready to call to purge the entire Senate. They Dodged A Bullet...

The road ahead for tax reform 

After a busy week of discussions and compromise, Senate Republicans backed up a major promise to the American people by passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act early Saturday morning.

The bill now advances to a congressional conference committee, which will reconcile any differences between the Senate’s version and similar legislation passed by the House last month. This process—an indispensable component of American democracy—will ensure that all voices are heard and that the final product sent to President Donald J. Trump later this month is the bill’s strongest version yet.

The President applauds the Senate for its work and looks forward to signing this momentous tax cut into law in time for Christmas. Click here to read the full statement on the Senate vote.

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