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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

GENERAL FLYNN & The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Team Mueller, special prosecutors extraordinaire established on the demands of the losing Party of Tolerance and Social Justice, charged General Michael Flynn, a temporary (transition) national security advisor to President Donald Trump, with a single count of lying to the FBI.

The Hope for Change is that Flynn will topple the Trump Presidency and reverse the will of The People and the election results of 2016 with his testimony. The hope is the astonishing delusion purveyed by the mainstream media that it is illegal or improper for a free US citizen, businessman, candidate, or transition team member, to speak with Russians about any subject they so choose - and also choose not to disclose that fact.

These failures to disclose include matters of national importance such as the ingredients of Russian dressing one may pour on one’s salad, or the best brand of Russian caviar and vodka, and even the latest shade of lipstick to be worn by Russian transgenders of the Democrat faith about to convert to Islam. And imagine this: even foreign policy and sanctions. The Logan Law, just to inform delusional Democrats, no longer exists and is not enforced. Moreover for liberals watching CNN, collusion is not a crime.


The people calling for impeachment might ask, was it illegal for Barack Obama in 2008 to send envoys to Iran to instruct them not to negotiate with George Bush; or to the Syrian dictator who murdered a half million innocent human beings and offer him American F16s with which he can attack Israel? That same Israel that destroyed Assad’s nuclear facilities with which he promised to destroy Israel? This, in the light that George Bush confiscated Ghaddafi’s and Saddam’s nuclear materials? Meanwhile, BO failed to do anything about Iran’s and North Korea’s.

Which part of the Logan Act did Barack Obama and Hillary as his SecState violate and how many years should they...Read More HERE

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