90 Miles From Tyranny : 67 NRA Approved Republicans Voted For Gun Control US 67 NRA Approved Republicans Voted For Gun Control

Monday, March 12, 2018

67 NRA Approved Republicans Voted For Gun Control US 67 NRA Approved Republicans Voted For Gun Control

67 NRA approved Republican Florida state politicians just voted for gun control, basically blaming law abiding citizens for the deadly shooting in Parkland Florida last month.

Florida enacted its first gun control measures in more than two decades on Friday when Gov. Rick Scott (R) signed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act ― in open defiance of the National Rifle Association.

As the Trace reported, 67 members of the Florida House and Senate with “A” or “A-plus” ratings from the gun rights group voted for the bill.

If you count Scott, who earned an A-plus rating himself, that makes 68 NRA-approved politicians who chose to break with the group.

The NRA had come out strongly against the new regulations, which include raising the minimum age for all firearms purchases to 21, creating a three-day waiting period and banning the sale of bump stocks.

Marion Hammer, the NRA’s powerful Florida lobbyist and former president, called on gun rights supporters to flood Florida House Republicans’ inboxes with messages telling them to vote no after the state Senate passed the bill.

“YOU and every other law-abiding gun owner is being blamed for an atrocious act of premeditated murder,” she wrote.

After this latest mass shooting Republican politicians around the country seem almost eager to curtail the Second amendment rights of honest citizens.

Shortly we will have an opportunity to vote in primaries to choose our parties candidate for public office.

Any Republican that votes for gun control should be immediately voted out of office and replaced with a candidate that...Read More HERE


  1. You will NOT be permitted to replace these traitors with a candidate that intends to uphold the Constitution. The Big Money in the GOP will destroy anyone who dares stand against their One World Government, with help from the Democrats and the Media. Doubt it? Just look at Alabama.

    The only reason we got President Trump is because he was able and willing to fund his own campaign. No candidate who respects the Constitution but is unable to self-finance has any chance of winning. Oh sure, they may "vow" to uphold the Constitution. But once in office, they will defer to those black-robed seers.

  2. I've been saying since before that bill got out of the Senate that Democrats played this perfectly. They got the Republicans to pass their agenda and the Dems will face no backlash at all. Republicans will get voted out because we're all sick to death of how they campaign as all "pro-gun" but then do nothing once they get in office.

    Next election cycle, Florida will be pure blue and it's because of the backlash to this.


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