90 Miles From Tyranny : Outrage: ‘No Whites Allowed’ Magazine Launches on Campus

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Outrage: ‘No Whites Allowed’ Magazine Launches on Campus

Talk about hypocrisy — 'giving so much power to hatred completely masks creativity and transforms the idea of tolerance,' notes author

Students at the University of Texas in San Antonio sparked controversy with the launch of a new magazine entitled “No Whites Allowed.”

The publication is the brainchild of a group of students whose objective is to highlight people of color — more specifically, “queer” people of color.

While the magazine didn’t receive the university’s approval or authorization, flyers were still disseminated announcing the launch of “No Whites Allowed.”

Representatives for the publication responded to widespread backlash by saying white people and straight people were welcome to attend the launch party, but neither are required for success. While some students feel ostracized simply for being white, others are more combative.

Launching a magazine titled “No Whites Allowed” is far from being all-inclusive and tolerant. No one wants to see something this ridiculous in circulation.

There would be protests and talk show appearances nationwide if a “No Blacks Allowed” magazine were launched. Students would be suspended and heads would roll.

There’s no doubt students have become adept at marketing and using social media for attention to a cause. Rather than focus on the positive, these students attached negativity to the title of their publication for shock value just to create buzz.

They’ve effectively cast a dark cloud over their publication.

What sort of content can be found inside a magazine called “No Whites Allowed”?

There are plenty of ways to focus on...Read More HERE

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  1. I support the rights of any american to associate with whom ever they choose. the problem is only whites aren't allowed this right.


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