90 Miles From Tyranny : Guess Who Oakland’s Mayor Was Talking To Before Tipping Off Illegal Aliens To ICE Raid

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Guess Who Oakland’s Mayor Was Talking To Before Tipping Off Illegal Aliens To ICE Raid

A couple of weeks ago we learned that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf had “no regrets” about warning illegal aliens of an impending ICE raid in her city and was definitely not going to apologize. But that didn’t answer all of the lingering questions about what appeared to be a clear case of obstructing justice and violating federal immigration laws. How and when did she learn about the upcoming raid? Who was she consulting with prior to making the decision to go public with the information so criminal illegal aliens could clear out and go to ground before ICE agents arrived?

We still don’t have all of those answers, but some of the details are coming to light. The local Oakland CBS outletfiled public record requests and discovered through a series of emails that Schaaf had been in contact with non-profit groups providing legal services to illegals and to independent business owners. (KPIX 5, Oakland)
In emails we obtained through a public records request, we didn’t find out who her sources were, but we do know who she was talking to before she made her big announcement.

Emails reveal that hours before the announcement, a group called Centro Legal de la Raza sent the mayor information on what employers should do in case of an ICE raid.

Centro Legal is a non-profit that provides legal services to undocumented immigrants.

The mayor was also talking to other people. Her office tells KPIX 5 that she also spoke with Father Stephan at St. Jarlath Catholic Church and Emma Paulino at Oakland Community Organizations.

Those contacts don’t appear to be random. This report shows that more than one year ago St. Jarlath Catholic Church was working with Centro Legal de la Raza, hosting workshops for illegal aliens where they learned how to prepare for deportation efforts. As for Oakland Community Organizations, their primary focus appears to be supporting sanctuary state policies and obstructing ICE.

The Mayor was also apparently in indirect contact with...Read More HERE

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