90 Miles From Tyranny : Hillary Clinton Might Have Gotten Spies Killed in China

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hillary Clinton Might Have Gotten Spies Killed in China

Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state from January 21, 2009, to February 1, 2013. For four years, China was receiving the emails she sent and received in real time. Top Secret intelligence was contained in those emails.

According to a report released early this morning, China hacked into Hillary’s basement server, possibly through a phishing attack. They then embedded a virus that sent out a “courtesy copy” for every communication.

That brings up the question of whether or not Hillary could have been responsible for the purge of American spies in China in 2010. It’s speculation but just the fact that she could have been responsible should prove the point that she should have been charged.

The Guardian reported in May 2017:

The Chinese government “systematically dismantled” CIA spying operations in the country starting in late 2010 and killed or imprisoned at least a dozen CIAsources over the next two years, it was reported on Saturday.

The New York Times cited 10 current and former US officials, who described the intelligence breach as one of the worst in decades.

In an apparent attempt by China to intimidate serving or would-be spies, one source was reportedly shot in front of his colleagues in the courtyard of a government building.

It destroyed the U.S. spy apparatus.


At that point, U.S. intelligence could not determine where the breach came from. There are a number of possibilities. We can now add Hillary Clinton’s lack of regard for security to the list.

By 2013, the FBI and CIA concluded that China no longer had the ability to identify American agents, the Times said.

Coincidentally, that is the year Hillary left the State Department.

John Podesta left his smartphone in a cab. He also fell for a phishing incident and his password was ‘passwØrd”. Hillary put our state secrets on a personal server she kept in a bathroom.

According to Devin Nunes, Clinton “left classified documents in her hotel room in China and that U.S. Marine Corps security officials filed a report related to the possible compromise of the documents.”

That was in May 2010. State spokesperson Kirby said the documents were in a senior aide’s room.

Hillary sent her emails to all sorts of people without security clearance. Her maid printed out her classified documents on her orders.

Perhaps Hillary was not the source, but she...Read More HERE

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