90 Miles From Tyranny : Check This: Jimmy's Famous Seafood UTTERLY DESTROYS PETA

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Check This: Jimmy's Famous Seafood UTTERLY DESTROYS PETA


Peta put up this Billboard next to Seafood place in Baltimore.

And so it began….

Was wondering why they were going at it with PETA, now we know.
Also fuck PETA.
I love jimmy’s and now I want lobster and crab cakes. Yum yum 😋


Robert said...

Nice place to get mugged. Don't walk there at night. (Silver moon)

Kye said...

The area where Jimmy's is located is crap but Jimmy's food is to die for. Best crab cakes ever. But since I don't live near Baltimore I have decided to flaunt PETA by visiting Ruth's Chris Steakhouse today in King of Prussia, PA. A nice thick filet should do the trick. PETA is to animals what Planned Parenthood is to fetuses.

Mat Wall said...

I always wondered why the Dems 2 most praised orgs like killing those things they profess to protect.
Family Planning likes killing babies and Peta animals.
I'm Australian. Maybe I just don't understand the Yank psyche.