Tuesday, August 28, 2018


No more unconditional aid to corrupt, terrorism-enabling Palestinian leadership.

The Trump administration will not continue subsidizing the so-called “moderate,” “non-violent” Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership clique in the vain hope that throwing more good money after bad will help bring about real peace or provide genuine help for the Palestinian people. This clique is made up of lying hypocrites, who fund and glorify terrorists while corruptly diverting aid money and donations to their own personal benefit.

Last Friday, a State Department official announced to reporters that it would redirect U.S. financial assistance of more than $200 million originally intended for the Palestinian Authority and projects in the West Bank and Gaza. This cut in bilateral aid is on top of the previously announced cut of nearly $300 million in U.S. financial support for the discredited UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) denounced the Trump administration’s latest funding cut decision. "The rights of the Palestinian people are not for sale," PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi said in a statement. "There is no glory in constantly bullying and punishing a people under occupation” through what she characterized as “economic meanness.”

The more than $200 million of intended U.S. financial aid to the Palestinians was originally included in the current 2018 budget year that ends on September 30. The money was to be used to help pay for the promotion of good governance and for support of health and education services. However, these noble-sounding purposes have little to do with the Palestinian leaders’ real agenda for the funds sent their way. 

The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity chronicled, in its 2017 report on Palestinian corruption, a whole list of examples of corrupt financial practices, including a multimillion dollar vanity project that “is not and never was a priority for Palestinians, given the urgent need to finance vital services such as health and education.” Putting yet more hard-earned American taxpayers’ money into the Palestinian cesspool of corruption will only deepen the cesspool. Even worse, Palestinian government leaders have used some of the money they received to reward Palestinian terrorists and their families. 

The Palestinians spend approximately $350 million a year for their terrorist slush fund, which goes to provide such 'pay to slay' benefits as a monthly stipend and a pension for life that is triple the average salary in...Read More HERE

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