90 Miles From Tyranny : Rush Limbaugh Nails Trump Supporters:

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Rush Limbaugh Nails Trump Supporters:


  1. Pretty much. Still? Build the wall, though make it easy to leave through, death to try to enter over, or it is useless.

    I don't care what they try to do or do. It simply will be an act of civil war for them to make an attempt on his office. If he fights it, any way necessary, I will support and back him. I know charges are bogus.

  2. A little something to conjure with.

    In terms of polls, it's been known all along Trump has a floor, but no ceiling. This is the opposite of almost every other politician.

    It's why trying to frame him on some hokey charge is about all the Lefties have and God help them if it looks like it might work.


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