90 Miles From Tyranny : Bad News For Dems, Flynn Memo Is Major Victory For Trump

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bad News For Dems, Flynn Memo Is Major Victory For Trump

The Gen. Michael Flynn memo is not the fantastic news Democrats wanted to get on President Donald Trump.

Those who want the president impeached were praying that the memo would be the smoking gun evidence they needed.

What the got was good news for President Trump, Rep. Mark Meadows told Fox News’ Sean Hannity, CNS News reported.

“I’ve looked at this report, and yes, everybody’s going to focus on what has been redacted. But let’s look at what is not in there. There is no suggestion that Michael Flynn had anything to do with collusion. He was with the transition team. He was part of the campaign. And, yet, there’s no mention of collusion.

“I think it’s good news for president trump tonight that this is what it’s come down to, even though they said he substantially cooperated, I think he substantially cooperated to say that there was no collusion, and we can look at it with that in mind.”

Joining Meadows on Sean Hannity’s cable TV show Tuesday night, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said the left is making a big deal out of Mueller’s court filing, but “the guy we need to be talking to is Rod Rosenstein.

“It has been 10 and a half weeks since it was reported that he talked to subordinates about wearing a wire and invoking the 25th Amendment,” Jordan noted. “And Mark and I and other members of Congress have yet to be able to ask him one single question since that became public. That needs to happen in the next 26 days before Nancy Pelosi is speaker of the house. That’s what I’m focused on. This is news tonight, I get it. And we’ve walked through this. But that’s the real thing we have to focus on in the last weeks of this Congress.”

According to the report produced by House intelligence committee Republicans earlier this year, “General Flynn pleaded guilty to making a false statement to the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding his December 2016 conversations with Ambassador Kislyak, even though the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents did not detect any deception during Flynn’s interview.”

But Jordan noted there was plenty of deception from top FBI officials who launched the Trump-Russia probe while letting Hillary Clinton off easy. Clinton was not even...

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