90 Miles From Tyranny : Florida Georgia Line Front Man Wants Country Music To Embrace Gun Control

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Florida Georgia Line Front Man Wants Country Music To Embrace Gun Control

By: Tom Knighton
I expect more out of a Georgia boy. Yes, being a Georgia native myself, I understand that we have our own gun grabbers here in the state, but they tend not to spend a whole lot of time in the rural parts. You tend to find them in the more urban areas.

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard is from about 35 or so minutes from Atlanta, so maybe that explains it.

The country artist wants his genre of music to embrace gun control.
Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard has thrown his support behind the End Gun Violence Together campaign launched by Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes — and he wants his colleagues across country music to join him.

On Nov. 29, Hubbard delivered an impassioned endorsement of the TOMS CEO’s new initiative. In a solemn video, he referred to the staggering statistics regarding the 307 mass shootings that took place over the last 311 days in the United States and said that he believes that “we can all come together and all agree that something has to change” by contacting congress and demanding stricter gun laws.

A statistic that is total BS, I might add. It’s been debunked repeatedly.

But wait, there’s more.
Now, Hubbard is doubling down on that message and asking his peers across country — including Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift and many more — to get involved, even if it means stepping outside their comfort zones to lend their social media platforms to the cause.

In other words, Hubbard wants all of these artists to alienate their entire fan base by making a stand on something that has absolutely nothing to do with their music but may cost them millions in album sales.

Yep. That’s a winning strategy.

Look, I get that country music is a little touchy about guns following Las Vegas. But that doesn’t mean people like Hubbard get to expect the rest of us to roll over and die so he can pat himself on the back. I hate to break it to him, but his band isn’t going to get more respect because he made a political stance. He might get some slaps on the backs at Hollywood parties, but the people who will applaud his move won’t be the people who are buying his...
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Peteforester said...

Another "artist" never to be listened to again...

William said...

To use the title, "Shut up and Sing". Member the Dixie Chicks...me neither.

tsquared said...

As a native Georgian who lives in NE Atlanta I have just over 10 thousand rounds of 9mm and 6 thousand of 45. Compared to my cousins in Texas I only have a weekend supply.

capt fast said...

as a responsible gun owner and holder of CCW, I support his effort to end violence in which a gun plays a part. unfortunately, many of these celebs forget what it is that causes a gun to fire. a person pulls the trigger. stop the person from performing violent acts. taking a gun away from them won't stop violence. they will use a knife or hammer or rock or explosive or flammables or a vehicle or jet plane or opioids or just about anything that would cause grievous injury and/or death. facing fact from the fbi, hammers kill more people than guns. except maybe in chicago, which has the most draconian gun laws which has one person shot every three hours ever day this year. a total of 2792 shot just in cook county Il. this year. they are not done yet. if this happened in your community how would you feel about it? www.heyjackass.com has a lot of data for you so you will know what to be prepared for should gun control come your way. remember, aim twice, shoot once.