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Friday, December 7, 2018

RUMOR: The FBI Whistleblower Raid Was a Setup of Mueller

By Kevin Jackson
When I heard of the FBI raid of whistleblower of The Clinton Foundation, I wondered what this raid could possibly be about.

I wrote this of the raid,

But the conspiracy is far worse, and will ultimately end up on the desk of Obama.

“The bureau raided my client to seize what he legally gave Congress about the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One,” the whistleblower’s lawyer, Michael Socarras, told TheDCNF, noting that he considered the FBI’s raid to be an “outrageous disregard” of whistleblower protections.

Sixteen agents arrived at the home of Dennis Nathan Cain, a former FBI contractor, on the morning of Nov. 19 and raided his Union Bridge, Maryland, home, Socarras told TheDCNF.

The raid was permitted by a court order signed on Nov. 15 by federal magistrate Stephanie A. Gallagher in the U.S. District Court for Baltimore and obtained by TheDCNF.

A special agent from the FBI’s Baltimore division, who led the raid, charged that Cain possessed stolen federal property and demanded entry to his private residence, Socarras told TheDCNF.

“On Nov. 19, the FBI conducted court authorized law enforcement activity in the Union Bridge, Maryland area,” bureau spokesman Dave Fitz told TheDCNF. “At this time, we have no further comment.”
 Admittedly, I’m curious as to why the FBI raided the home of a man who was cooperating with Congress?

In the past when the leaks occurred on Trump, I commented that Donald Trump is too smart to allow these leaks to occur without a plan.

Not long after, Trump began jettisoning staffers. He dumped Reince Priebus’ former Number Two. Then shortly thereafter, he dumped Priebus.

I’m not privy to the inner workings of the White House, but I do know how you find rats. And I suggested then, that Trump’s moles were finding the GOP and Obama holdover rats.

Then I got this email:

Trump’s Master Spooks

Behind the scenes, Trump’s spooks are destroying the enemies of the Republic, using astonishing tradecraft. Their assault has been devastating, as REX explains.

by Rex

Mon, December 3, 2018

The corrupt government officials who instructed FBI agents to raid the home of US government whistleblower Dennis Cain on 18 November 2018, must have been confident.

Someone had leaked them valuable information. The ID & address of a key whistleblower and potential star witness, who was storing original evidence devastating to the Clintons, as well as Bob Mueller, in his home.

The officials had one objective in mind – get the original evidence produced by the whistleblower.

All of it.

And destroy it.

The logic is clear – if the original evidence is destroyed, the prosecution case against the Clintons and their associates is weakened.

Without the original evidence, all the prosecution would have is what they were given – a memory stick of scans and copies.

It would allow the Clintons to challenge the evidence provided, as well as produce (fake) evidence of their own.

So no doubt the crooks behind the raid were jubilant as they learned Cain’s house was being raided.

One problem : the crooks were being played.

In my view, what will be revealed is that Cain wasn’t the real whistleblower.

He was a decoy.

The real whistleblower, who has ALL the materials in hard copy – and is...
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Brian said...

Same story new month. Just wait a little longer and we are going to get those__________ people. Starting to sound like "The boy who cried wolf".

Pappy said...

Read the article and it all makes sense, at least I hope so. It's the first I've read from Kevin Jackson, so I really don't know how much faith to put into his words. I sure hope to God he is right in his thinking, only time will tell. I would think that Trumps advisors would be hammering him to stop the tweets so I do agree with the author about that one thing, Trump has no fear of Mueller, which is a good thing. Guess we have to wait....

G.W. Long said...

Outstanding article. Read it all the way to the end.