90 Miles From Tyranny : Bill Kristol’s Never Trump Mag Reportedly Shutting Down in December

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bill Kristol’s Never Trump Mag Reportedly Shutting Down in December

Bill Kristol’s Never Trump magazine — The Weekly Standard — is facing its imminent demise. Perhaps hate didn’t sell too well with Conservatives and Republicans. The owners of the publication, Media DC, say they are going to concentrate on their other outlet instead, The Washington Examiner, Vox reports.

A source told Vox reporter Joan Coaston, “This is not about dwindling subscribers. This is about strip-mining TWS for its assets” — namely, the magazine’s subscriber lists.

That’s not likely 100 percent truthful.

Founded in 1995 by Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes, the Weekly Standard is best known as a publication aimed at “neoconservatives” aka neocons. Neocons are a dying breed. They followed a hawkish foreign policy which is less popular these days.

Also, maybe bashing Trump daily isn’t as much of a money maker and vehicle of conservative thought as Kristol assumed. Shocker!

The Chief White House Correspondent for One America News, Emerald Robinson reported Tuesday that the magazine will close down in a few weeks.

Robinson says they’ve been losing subscribers since 2016:

In addition to Kristol, Stephen Hayes and Charlie Sykes lined up against Trump. That was a bad idea. They should have remained neutral if they couldn’t say anything nice.

The truth is the magazine is often unbearable reading for those of us who want the President to succeed.

According to Vox, staffers say the magazine’s owners “have worked to sabotage TWS every step of the way” and now want to harvest the magazine’s subscriber base to help support the Washington Examiner, which is now expanding into a nationally distributed magazine.

Truthfully, The Washington Examiner isn’t tainted and is three times as popular.

The magazine honchos literally aligned with the far-left. Maybe conservatives had...
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capt fast said...

well, don't take it personally, but , just go away.

Fireguy said...

We dropped our subscription before the election. Couldn't take the never Trump nonsense.

Kye said...

They laid down with dogs. Bye-bye traitors!