90 Miles From Tyranny : Legal immigrant professor says Illegal immigrants can hurt US economy; now he’s on the chopping block

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Legal immigrant professor says Illegal immigrants can hurt US economy; now he’s on the chopping block

Thanks to left-wing insanity run amok, it’s now apparently socially unacceptable and racist for even a legal immigrant from China to complain about the drawbacks of illegal immigration.

Meet Fang Zhou, an associate professor of history at Georgia Gwinnett College near Atlanta who’s unabashedly opposed to illegal immigration:

He recently posted some online remarks about illegal immigration and politics in general that piqued the attention of Democrat state Rep. Bee Nguyen. In a tweet posted Wednesday, she shared a screenshot of some of these remarks and complained of his alleged bigotry.

“While we celebrate the passage of the Dream Act, this @GeorgiaGwinnett professor uses hostile terms ‘ghetto thugs,’ ‘libtards,’ & spreads false narratives about immigrants,” she wrote. “Are these the values supported by Georgia Gwinnett College?”

While the full context of his quotes remain unclear, it appears Zhou had been rebutting someone who’d complained about his politically incorrect rhetoric on illegal immigration.

“I am against political correctness. I speak truth to power in class and my students learn about the financial drain of illegal immigration on the economy and the high crime rates of illegal immigrants. My students are ‘woke’ and are overwhelmingly against illegal immigration after taking my class,” he wrote.

Look at Nguyen’s tweet below:

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While we celebrate the passage of the Dream Act, this @GeorgiaGwinnett professor uses hostile terms “ghetto thugs,” “libtards,” & spreads false narratives about immigrants.

Are these the values supported by Georgia Gwinnett College? https://www.ggc.edu/about-ggc/directory/fang-zhou 
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Speaking with the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution afterward, she suggested that Zhou should be fired. Pushing for the termination or deplatforming of conservatives is a common left-wing tactic.

“I have concerns about him teaching those things in a classroom,” she said, adding that 70 percent of Georgia Gwinnett College’s students are either black, Asian or Hispanic.

It’s unclear what the students’ race has to do with illegal immigration …

Judging by the replies she’s received on social media, not many agree with her.

I for one am thankful an Asian-American academic has chosen the more difficult path of choosing to speak the truth, rather than what is politically convenient. Perhaps you should aspire towards that too.
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While I may not agree with all his choice of words I do agree with the fundamental principle of upholding the rule of law.....and outlining the costs of not doing so. So to protest is to advocate for lawlessness.
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Yes. We need facts to return to the classroom. I'm not sorry that the facts of life do not align with your PC, feel-good view of life. Perhaps if the adults would act like adults & bestow some truth on the youth, maybe we'd be preparing them for actual life and not failure.
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Thank goodness there is a professor out there willing to speak the truth. Protest him all you want, but take the time to go to the Ghetto and see for yourself. Yes there are Thugs there!
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I believe with a basic understanding of economics that illegal immigration is definitely a drain and a strain financially to our system. To say otherwise shows pure ignorance.
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YES! Finially, we hear about a college Professor speaking truth &reality instead of acceptance of anyone breaking laws and no regard for r country’s process. Dems just want as many illegals as possible so the can allow them to vote. Thank you @GeorgeGwinnett
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Some do agree, however.

“He should be fired. His rhetoric is disturbing and should be nowhere near a classroom,” a user named “Furflake” (versus snowflake …) whined.

“He’s awful! I reported him and sent screen shots of his harassment and received a canned response from the university president. He also brags about recruiting his students to volunteer for...

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