90 Miles From Tyranny : America Needs Four More Terms of Donald Trump

Friday, August 9, 2019

America Needs Four More Terms of Donald Trump

Peter Strzok, the central figure in both the FBI’s burying of Hillary Clinton’s crimes and in carrying out the “insurance policy” of his lover, Lisa Page, to use the powers of the national security establishment to take out a U.S. presidential candidate, is strolling back in to FBI Headquarters these days as though it was just another day at the office.

I am not making this up.

“Strzok is in the (HQ) building all the time,” one FBI insider revealed, according to a recent media report at True Pundit. “He is taking meetings or part of meetings.” The article goes on, “FBI sources confirm Strzok has been granted access to FBI facilities in Washington, D.C. and its headquarters building on numerous occasions since he was sacked in August 2018.”

Strzok is the man who emphatically told former FBI lawyer Lisa Page that they would “stop” Mr. Trump from winning the 2016 election. And they would do that using a fraudulently predicated counterintelligence investigation based on “evidence” planted by one of their own assets, Joseph Mifsud, a mysterious Maltese professor widely linked to Western intelligence services, on a hapless Trump campaign volunteer, George Papadopoulos.

Yet now we learn that not only is Strzok being permitted back into FBI Headquarters (perhaps as a paid contractor?), but he still holds his security clearances. “He (Strzok) is getting in with a visitor’s badge and is involved in meetings,” one FBI insider said. The same article notes, “Maybe they are all trying to get their story straight before things go public.” Moreover, it continues, “FBI sources said when Strzok is not at the Hoover building he has been holding meetings with high-level DOJ brass at a location across the street from the Bureau’s Pennsylvania Avenue base.”

Not wanting to rely solely on the word of a pseudonymously written True Pundit report, I did some rooting around and discovered not only that the True Pundit story is accurate, but obtained some additional information about Strzok.

My source is a retired FBI agent with current contacts within FBI Headquarters. This person tells me:
"True Pundit’s information about the visitor badges for Strzok came from one of my most reliable sources. There is no reason for him to be in that building. If he is cooperating, he’d be at Main Justice or at the US Attorney’s office. He has been seen several times over several months inside FBIHQ. His clearances are simply suspended upon leaving the FBI. If he got a job tomorrow requiring a clearance, that entity would have to take over responsibility for his clearances. Unless he’s working for someone who did that, then his clearances are suspended. I can tell you the initial report of him being seen in FBIHQ on a few occasions with a visitor badge and being escorted is true from my source inside FBIHQ."

The fact that Strzok’s security clearances are merely “suspended” and eligible for reactivation is stunning. A security clearance is a very valuable commodity in Washington, D.C. The man whom the DoJ Inspector General found to be a grossly biased federal investigator and was sacked accordingly is allowed to maintain those clearances. Amazing.

Donald Trump's presidency has revealed that our country is in the grip of an entrenched bureaucracy whose hold, I am of the increasing opinion, may take decades to break. This anecdote about Peter Strzok’s continued security clearances and access to a building that President Trump nominally controls illustrates the vicelike grasp that “Deep State” players continue to hold over our...

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