90 Miles From Tyranny : ‘Nigerians Are Slaves in Their Country to Chinese Exploiters’

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

‘Nigerians Are Slaves in Their Country to Chinese Exploiters’

Nigeria’s This Day published an extensive, scathing report Sunday on Chinese colonialism in its economy, accusing the Communist Party of “labour casualization, tax evasion, customs duty under-payment, forgery and outright sabotage” and individual Chinese immigrants of irresponsibly impregnating young Nigerian woman and abandoning them.

“The reason Chinese corporations are in Africa is simple; to exploit the people and take their resources,” reporter Adedayo Adejobi wrote. “It’s the same thing European colonists did during mercantile times, except worse.”

China is investing billions into a variety of Chinese economies as part of its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a plan to control the most important roads, ports, and railways in the world by building them through the use of predatory loans and then seizing the properties. China has already seized a major port in Sri Lanka and has begun construction of projects throughout Africa and the Middle East, exploiting weak economies.

The American State Department has repeatedly warned developing countries to stay away from Chinese “predatory loans,” but the governments of many African states – prominently Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya – have chosen to take the fast loan money and greenlight the projects.

In Kenya, workers have repeatedly complained of being subjected to “apartheid” racism on the part of Chinese work supervisors. In September, authorities deported a Chinese businessman caught on tape referring to one of his workers, and President Uhuru Kenyatta, as a “monkey.” Chinese workers, acting on behalf of the communist regime, have also grossly overburdened the immigration system and illegally used tourism stays to work on Belt and Road projects in the country, taking the jobs Beijing promised away from Kenyan citizens.

Adejobi expressed concerns that business with China will create the same problems in Nigeria. He notes that, according to Chinese numbers, the Communist Party has already invested $20 billion in Africa through its shell companies (there are no corporations in China that act independently of the will of the Party).

“This humongous figure is traceable to over 160 Chinese firms operating in...

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