90 Miles From Tyranny : Castro’s Stunt Outing Trump Supporters Backfired Major, Could Cost His Seat

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Castro’s Stunt Outing Trump Supporters Backfired Major, Could Cost His Seat

Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro thought it was a wise idea to name people in his area who donated to President Donald Trump.

But not only did Rep. Castro get attacked by many for doing what he did, he made another mistake and it could cost him his next election, The Washington Examiner reported.

Edward Steves, owner of a manufacturing firm that he said is the oldest company in San Antonio, told the Washington Examiner that he once hosted a fundraiser at his house that raised over $300,000 for Julián Castro’s mayoral campaign.

But Joaquin’s tweet and follow-up statements chastising local Trump donors may backfire for his own reelection races, Steves said.

“He’s probably got 44 people that are going to contribute heavily to whoever might run against him in the primaries,” Steves said.

Donald Kuyrkendall, president of a San Antonio commercial real estate company, shared concern about his family’s safety and wondered what the Castro brothers hoped to gain by the Twitter outing of Trump donors.

“Were his intentions to incite people to picket Bill Miller’s barbecue or to come to Don Kuyrkendall’s house, you know, assault my wife, make nasty comments?” Kuyrkendall said.

Kuyrkendall said that in wake of the tweet, his lawyer reminded him that he once donated to Julián Castro’s mayoral campaign.

Not a wise idea by any stretch of the imagination before, but now it is one that injured himself in his efforts to intimidate supporters of...

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Bunkerville said...

At least it cost him the VP slot which I always figured he wanted..Texas is in play or so he thinks.