90 Miles From Tyranny : London: Jihadi STABS POLICE with MACHETE in ‘FRENZIED” ‘UNPROVOKED” Attack

Saturday, August 10, 2019


UK is under siege but the police can’t carry guns. Nuts. A police officer is “seriously injured” after suffering a “frenzied” and “shocking” attack in east London, during which he was stabbed a number of times with a machete.

Police say ‘part of job to be assaulted’ in Sadiq Khan’s London.

Exclusive footage obtained by the Sun Online shows the suspect, 56, struggling with cops after the “frenzied, unprovoked” attack unfolded in Leyton, East London overnight.
  • Passers-by were filmed rushing to aid of police officer after he is stabbed
  • In graphic scenes they attempt the stop flow of blood from victim’s head
  • Officer was stabbed after attempting to stop a van in the Leyton area of London
  • Policeman used his taser despite having been stabbed by the alleged attacker
  • Commander Richard Tucker said the attack was ‘frenzied and unprovoked’
  • Officer had been praised as his first thought had been to protect his colleague
  • Did you see the attack? Call Terri-Ann Williams on 02036151762 or email Terri-Ann.Williams@mailonline.co.uk
This is the moment passers-by rush to save a hero policeman after a man with a machete knife him in the head and body in a ‘frenzied attack’ as he tried to protect himself with a taser.

A huddle of police officers can be seen next to their fallen comrade, desperately trying to stop him bleeding to death after a ferocious machete attack.

Just a few feet away – officers have pinned the attacker to the ground.

Another image shows a policeman holding the horrifying 12in blade that was used in the onslaught.

Yesterday witnesses told of the ferocity of the assault on the innocent policeman, in his 30s and who has served with the Met for ten years.

One 32-year-old woman who saw the stabbing and its aftermath said: ‘His head was completely open, it looked like the guy had tried to scalp him.

The moment passers-by rushed to the aid of a London policeman who was stabbed repeatedly in the...

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  1. Excellent. Cops over there keep turning a blind eye. Now to get judges and political, nobility, and other elites and their families butchered and raped by the orcs they bring in and defend.


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