90 Miles From Tyranny : PRE-CRIME NATION: College Student Arrested, Stripped of Firearms for Posting Social Media Meme

Monday, August 19, 2019

PRE-CRIME NATION: College Student Arrested, Stripped of Firearms for Posting Social Media Meme

Freedom of speech is dead in America, as the Orwellian nightmare escalates.

22-year-old Connecticut resident Brandon Wagshol was arrested on Friday for posting a meme on social media that authorities claim indicated he showed an interest in committing a mass shooting.

Brandon Wagshol was just arraigned in Norwalk Superior Court. His bond was kept at $250,000, and the judge ruled he can only post it at the courthouse after a hearing. That way the prosecutor can put conditions on his release. @News12CT

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He was arrested after law enforcement received an anonymous tip about the meme, which prompted the arrest of Wagshol as pre-crime becomes a reality as the Bill of Rights becomes a fading memory.
“What I understand is that he didn’t make any comments on Facebook, but there may have been other memes, as they call them, that he might have reposted,” said Darnell Crosland, who is representing Wagshol as his attorney.

In addition, Wagshol’s firearms were seized under Connecticut’s red flag law – in what will become the new status quo across the country if federal lawmakers get their way. The firearms found in Crosland’s home were legal and registered to his father, but were taken anyway.

“I drove to Halstead New Hampshire from Norwalk CT in about 3 hours to acquire 30 round magazines and ammunition to circumvent what I viewed as...

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  1. ahhhh. the new version of the monkey trial. take it to the wall...

  2. Straight outta the Soviet playbook.

  3. Dumb shits are going to force us underground. They won’t know what we are thinking until it hits them in the face.

  4. What meme did he post? I didn't see it mentioned in the article.


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