90 Miles From Tyranny : Trump signs order to wipe out student loan debt for disabled veterans

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Trump signs order to wipe out student loan debt for disabled veterans

President Trump canceled federal student loan debts Wednesday for tens of thousands of veterans who are 100% disabled, saying it’s the nation who owes them instead for their service.

At the 75th annual American Veterans convention in Louisville, Kentucky, the president signed an executive action directing the Education Department to eliminate “every penny” of student loan debt for about 25,000 disabled veterans, who owe an average of $30,000.

The president said the action is worthy of veterans “who have made immense sacrifices, the ultimate sacrifice in many ways, for our nation.”

“That’s hundreds of millions of dollars in student debt held by our severely wounded warriors — it’s gone forever,” the president said.

Mr. Trump called to the stage retired Sgt. Katherine Cassell, who developed severe lung problems and other ailments after serving two tours in Iraq with the Army, Navy and Air Force. She is now working toward a degree at the University of Nevada.

“This is an amazing relief on my family, as well as — I know — many thousands of veterans,” she told the president.

Mr. Trump said of his action, “Veterans like Katherine, who have made such enormous sacrifices for our country, should not be asked to pay any more. Rather it is America who owes our heroes a supreme debt of gratitude.”

Bipartisan legislation was introduced in June in Congress that would dismiss all federal student loan debt for eligible veterans, regardless of whether they applied for related programs at the Education and Veterans Affairs departments.

The president also addressed the suicide crisis among veterans. He touted a new...

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