90 Miles From Tyranny : Wikipedia Has ICE Facilities Listed Under ‘Concentration And Internment Camps’ Section

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Wikipedia Has ICE Facilities Listed Under ‘Concentration And Internment Camps’ Section

Wikipedia Goes Fake News.

Likely will not be edited or removed any time soon

Wikipedia, the online Encyclopedia, which has been routinely accused of left wing bias, has a list of ICE facilities under a section titled “concentration and internment camps,” and is keeping it there despite critics requesting it be removed.

The list of ICE facilities reappeared on the concentration camps page after Democrats, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, used the rhetoric to describe US holding centers on the border with Mexico.

Editors of the Wikipedia page cited the Democrats’ use of the term “concentration camp” to justify the inclusion of the ICE centers on the page.

A discussion regarding the inclusion of the centers has been closed, with the list of facilities remaining on the page.

Wikipedia policy states that another discussion with have to be opened before the matter can be reviewed again.

The way Wikipedia functions means that even unregistered users are able to add sections to pages, which can then be edited and added to by other users.

After the ICE facilities were initially added to the concentration camp page last year, media coverage by leftist entities such as Vice and Gizmodo acted as if the entries were proof that the ICE facilities are indeed internment camps.

Gizmodo called the action “a surprisingly unbiased entry that’s clearly presenting information without taking sides.”

Vice said that the ICE facilities had been listed next to “other sites of atrocity throughout...

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  1. Hmmm, alphabetical listings? The nerve of these douche bags...

  2. Schools will sue parents wrongly for defamation, but the fed does nothing to protect it's workers from dangerous rhetoric? The fed has to protect itself and it's employees, especially when actually doing what it is actually SUPPOSED to do! Sue them and the people involved with the lie.

  3. See here! It's wikipedia! any fool knows wiki is full of bs and crap. that's why it is edited so often. now, if authors and those submitting articles were required to have a minimum of say, three sources and include them in a bibliography that would be different. usually only one source and no research. quite a bit of the technical articles are usually reliable, but anything social or political has the usual bs and crap we come to expect from the educated class.


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