90 Miles From Tyranny : Michigan: All meat in Dearborn public schools is now halal

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Michigan: All meat in Dearborn public schools is now halal

It’s coming down fast. And no one speaks up. In the United States of America, there is a separation of church and state. Public schools don’t exclusively serve Jewish (kosher) food or food prepared according to Hindu dictates etc. If a family is religious then they should be prepare school lunches at home according to their religious dictates and send it to school with the child. If it is that important, preparing a child’s lunch is a simple, satisfying joy-filled endeavor.

But it is not about that.

It is a means in which to impose Islam on the public square, the public school, the daily social fabric of our lives.

There may be any number of reasons why people don’t want halal meat. They may object to halal slaughter for humanitarian reasons. They may consider it to be meat sacrificed to idols, as discussed in the New Testament. They may object to the fact that many halal certification organizations have links to jihad terror groups. But we are not allowed to have any such concerns, either in the U.S. or in Australia. Several years ago, Pamela Geller and I met with USDA officials and presented a petition to them asking that they require that halal products be labeled as such, for the benefit of people who objected to halal food for humanitarian, religious, or other reasons. Ultimately the USDA never got back to us and ignored our petition. And the Dearborn public schools illustrate once again the never-failing principle: when in Muslim countries, one must conform one’s behavior to suit Muslim sensibilities. And in non-Muslim countries, one must conform one’s behavior to suit Muslim sensibilities.

“Dearborn offering new menus, more made from scratch items,” Dearborn Public Schools, August 21, 2019 (thanks to Creeping Sharia):
Dearborn Public Schools is overhauling its school menu this year! Students are in for a more diverse menu, more options every day, more fresh produce, and more made-from-scratch meals.

Parents will see menus that are easier to find and understand – right down to being able to look up possible allergens and even carb counts online for every dish.

The changes come after the district hired Southwest Foodservice Excellence (SFE) to help oversee the food service program. The company has provided nutritionists and chefs to help transition the district to a program with a much more expansive and fresh from scratch menu, including training the District staff on how to cook these meals. In addition, SFE will help improve food service operational, procurement and financial tracking systems and reinforce nutritional and safety protocols. SFE works in 150 school districts around the country offering several employee management models. In Dearborn, District employees will continue to run and staff our kitchens, working in close partnership with SFE.

Students will see dramatic differences in this year’s menu, staring with more made from scratch meals, promised Joshua Bain, SFE senior general manager of food service.
“The district has been doing a lot of heat-and-eat because it was easy,” Bain said. Now, everything will be handmade, down to the sandwiches.

“We will actually spread peanut butter on bread,” Bain assured. More than 75 percent of SFE’s offerings are fresh-from-scratch.

The first short week of school shows the changes. Students will be offered orange chicken with rice, Thai veggie stir fry, and beef tacos. Elementary schools will offer at least three...

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