90 Miles From Tyranny : Kurdish militia trained Antifa fighters in Northern Syria

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Kurdish militia trained Antifa fighters in Northern Syria

New details have emerged regarding Antifa’s ties to the Kurdish militia in Northern Syria. One America’s Jack Posobiec explains from Washington D.C.

PKK = Hard Core Communists.

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  1. I'm gunna call bullshit on this. Antifa are a bunch of whinnie, mummies basement dwelling, brainwashed, cowardly phucs who gang attack - often from behind - white (mainly) middle & working class MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters. And when there are none of those handy they'll stoop to screaming "Nazi scum" at elderly women on a Zimmer frame.

    The idea that 500 of them would/could travel to Northern Syria - try booking that at your local travel agents - undergo ACTUAL military training (as opposed to role playing on some shoot-em-up X Box game at mummies place) then engaging in real live firefights with ISIS defies belief !!

    This is not to say Antifa couldn't train in urban combat situations as their tactics seem to have become more vicious of late, especially in the North west area. I just see the whole "training in Syria" story as too far fetched

    Chris In Ch-Ch., NZ


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