90 Miles From Tyranny : Some Badly Needed Perspective on Trump and Ukraine

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Some Badly Needed Perspective on Trump and Ukraine

Rudy Giuliani may rant, but once again he’s right concerning the actions of President Trump. At a time when almost the entire media are conducting an exercise in groupthink, Rudy can devastate their argument in just a few sentences:
The fact is, the President of the United States has every right to ask countries to help us in a criminal investigation that should be undertaken … suppose the political opponent committed murder; what are we gonna do? He’s a political opponent, so you don’t investigate him? The fact is, this is not a political opponent; it didn’t start that way. … I started this investigation long before he was a candidate … solely for one single purpose: because I’m his defense lawyer, and it exonerates him. It shows there was a lot more collusion in Ukraine than in Russia and that Joe Biden materially assisted in getting some of that covered up.”
And the alleged corruption goes back way before that — to the ‘80s and ‘90s, he said over the weekend to Howard Kurtz on FOX News’ Media Buzz. And when Kurtz pointed out, accurately, that many people are uncomfortable with the idea of the President’s personal lawyer doing this investigation instead of the government, Giuliani agreed that the government should be doing it — but that they’re not. And he knew how corrupt some of our own FBI officials were, he said, citing Andrew Weissmann.

“I didn’t go after Joe Biden,” Giuliani said. “They [the Ukrainians] handed it to me.” In fact, they were the ones who showed him the video we’ve all seen of Biden’s “confession” on stage during that 2018 meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations. (So that’s where that came from.)

Giuliani also rightly pointed out that if a Republican had bragged about withholding foreign aid to get someone fired who just happened to be investigating his son, the media would have gone insane — I assume that means more insane than they are now.
Media Ignores Sworn Affidavits Amid Its Meltdown

Notice that in just about every media report you’ll see, there’s an apparently obligatory statement about the accusations against Biden being unsubstantiated by any evidence. Not true, as we know, but that assertion will be included in the story. Never mind the three sworn affidavits that show Biden was, well, bribing foreign officials to fire an inconvenient person.

(Recall that back when John Kerry was running for president, news accounts of the allegations made by swift boat veterans who served with him in Vietnam always referred to them as “the discredited swift boat veterans.” They had not been discredited. The consistent use of the phrase “unsupported allegations against...

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