90 Miles From Tyranny : Attorney General Barr Stands athwart History

Monday, November 25, 2019

Attorney General Barr Stands athwart History

"There is a tide in the affairs of men" ("Julius Caesar," Act IV, Scene III), that acknowledges that certain situations gain momentum and become ripe for influencing the future, determining fate. Certainly, we are living in such a time — momentous, unprecedented events are happening that will affect the direction of our nation for the foreseeable future. After all the Sturm und Drang of the impeachment efforts of the Resistance that have divided the country for the last three years, Attorney General William Barr recently gave two speeches that were rhetorical masterpieces. The speeches could not have been given at a more critical juncture in the unfolding crisis, nor could the carefully researched and expertly developed arguments have been more needed, more appropriate. The content of the two speeches form a solid basis of a case against the Resistance. The passion and the masterful rhetoric of the speeches give them the potential for Barr to stand athwart history and determine the direction of the nation for the future.

Throughout history, great speeches have challenged people to rise above self-interest to do what is noble and right. Great speakers have used their positions or their influence to "inspire and unite people during times of struggle"; they have "met moments of great adversity with words both vigorous and poignant, giving voice to the challenges of their time." The "impact on history" of such speakers "will be determined in the future." Reasonable people, reading Barr's carefully constructed arguments for religious freedom and faithful originalists' interpretation of the Constitution, would be compelled and motivated by Barr's words.

I am not alone in thinking the impeachment charade is a headline-grabbing maneuver of the Democrats who are hoping to distract from and cast doubt on the inspector general's report that, according to Senator Lindsey Graham, will be released on December 9, with Attorney General Barr scheduled to give testimony on the 11th. Then there is the soon to be released report from the Barr-Durham probe that turned into a criminal investigation. I'm sure I am also not alone in thinking that Attorney General Barr, with his recent speeches, is using his bully pulpit to lay the groundwork for shaping public understanding and support for...

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If I were Barr I would have a security detail 24/7.