90 Miles From Tyranny : Closer Look: Why Dr. Fiona Hill Smeared Critics of George Soros

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Closer Look: Why Dr. Fiona Hill Smeared Critics of George Soros

Question: How many Clinton cronies does it take to screw in a lightbulb.

Answer: None — we have to do it because they prefer the cover of darkness.

There may be no fingerprints from Clinton and her cronies on that lightbulb, but their grubby prints are all over the Steele “dossier” and election interference that came from (yes) Ukraine. As mentioned in Friday’s newsletter, “inquiry” witness and passionate George Soros defender Dr. Fiona Hill is well acquainted with some of them.

But were you aware she even got an “advance” copy of the dossier, the day before it was published by Buzzfeed? She got to see it courtesy of Strobe Talbott, who ran the Brookings Institution at the time she was there. And how did he get it? Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller reported on this back in late December 2018.

Dan Bongino, in his podcast Friday, picked up on the same strange testimony from Dr. Hill that we did. Looking at the clip again, it certainly seems that Dr. Hill was prepared for the leading question on anti-Semitism as it relates to criticism of Soros. With no hesitation, she was ready to stand up for him and make that stern little speech about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, agreeing that everyone who criticizes him must be motivated by at least “a tinge” of anti-Semitism. (Give me a break.) So why would Dr. Hill suddenly be asked a question out of left field (pun intended) about anti-Semitism and Soros? In case we need reminding, Bongino makes the point that nothing Democrats do is unplanned. They surely had a strategy behind this and every other question they asked.

Bongino says this digression during the hearing has to do with Marie Yovanovich and the “do-not-prosecute” list — yes, it exists — sent from George Kent (the one in the bow tie during testimony) to a Ukrainian prosecutor kindly suggesting that they not go down certain roads, including prosecution of a group called AntAC, which is Soros-funded. As John Solomon reported in The Hill, there’s also a link between the FBI and AntAC — as then-FBI official Karen Greenaway, one of the lead investigators in the Paul Manafort case in Ukraine, attended numerous AntAC functions (“as part of her investigative functions,” the FBI later explained), working alongside its executive director and Marie Yovanovich at one event in 2016. Former Ukrainian prosecutor Lutsenko was also in attendance.

Well, was Greenaway there on behalf of the FBI to investigate the Soros organization or to support it? The latter seems more likely, as she actually ended up retiring from the FBI and joining the executive board of AntAC.

Bongino takes a deep dive into the connections between Soros-funded companies and the Obama-era State Department and DOJ, reading from several articles by John Solomon, who has been all over this since long before Dr. Hill took the witness chair last week. (I highly recommend Bongino’s daily podcasts.) The DOJ even opened a case against Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, Soros’ business rival in Ukraine, which appears to have cleared the way for Soros to invest $1 billion in...

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