90 Miles From Tyranny : ICE Busts Hundreds of Student Visa Fraudsters in University Sting

Friday, November 29, 2019

ICE Busts Hundreds of Student Visa Fraudsters in University Sting

The perps tried to use student visa programs to get around the rules.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has arrested more than 250 people who enrolled at a fake university hoping to cheat the United States’ student visa laws.

ICE set up the program to lure in individuals who have sought to take up residency in the country through student visas, without actually studying at a real university and paying tuition.

Most of the people who were busted trying to game student visa rules in order to obtain legal residency have been described as Indian nationals.

The fake students signed up with “University of Farmington,” a sham Detroit university that advertised itself as a pathway for the foreign nationals to obtain legal residency in the US without actually being a real college students. In reality, the University of Farmington was a creation of ICE from its inception.

The arrests have been taking place since January. Farmington never offered any college classes in a physical location, not qualifying as a accredited university to those who claimed student status in order to keep a visa.

Detroit’s ICE office has confirmed that 80% of the fake students busted in the sting have been deported or voluntarily left the country. Another 10% have been ordered by immigration judges to depart. The remaining 10% are currently fighting ongoing cases in the immigration court system.

Several “recruiters” for the fake school are facing criminal charges for finding people willing to sign up to commit...

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  1. I have seen lefties losing their minds and crying "ENTRAMPMENT!" This is nothing more than a variation of the old pawn shop sting where criminals "knew" the reputation of the shop to fence stolen items and came willingly. And got arrested.


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