90 Miles From Tyranny : Hong Kong council elections: Pro-democracy candidates make big gains

Monday, November 25, 2019

Hong Kong council elections: Pro-democracy candidates make big gains

Hong Kong celebrates after hearing pro-Beijing candidate Junius Ho had lost his seat

The territory sees a record turnout of more than 71% as many pro-Beijing candidates lose their seats.

Pro-democracy candidates in Hong Kong have made huge gains as the results are declared in district council elections.

At 6am (10pm GMT) pro-democracy candidates had more than 300 of 452 seats, according to local media estimates.

Pro-Beijing candidates had 41.

It marks a huge rise from the last election four years ago, when democracy candidates won around 100 seats.

The elections have taken on new significance coming amid months of clashes between Hong Kong authorities and protesters, who say the Chinese government is eroding the territory's freedoms.

Hong Kong's local election could be most important ever

Sky's Stuart Ramsay is on the scene as people have their say after months of turmoil

A record 1,104 candidates are standing in the poll and electoral affairs chief Barnabus Fung said the turnout was a record 71% - equating to almost three million people. Last time it was 47%.

The largest pro-Beijing party has suffered the biggest setback, with more than 150 of its candidates defeated so far and just 21 victories, according to the South China Morning Post.

Among the pro-democracy candidates to win are rally organiser Jimmy Sham, who was beaten by people with hammers last month, and a candidate who had part of his ear bitten off by...

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