90 Miles From Tyranny : Australian Government Created Bizarre Horoscope To Scare Illegal Aliens

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Australian Government Created Bizarre Horoscope To Scare Illegal Aliens

The Australian government has created a bizarre horoscope to spook illegal immigrants from Sri Lanka - threatening bad omens if they make an unauthorized trek in to the land down under, according to BuzzFeed News.

Sagittarius? "If you illegally travel to Australia by boat you will be returned. Everything you risked to get there will be in vain and you will end up owing everyone," reads the horoscope.

Gemini? "You will lose your wife's jewellery..."

Taurus? "If you illegally travel to Australia by boat, expect to be returned home where you will face the humiliation of failure in your community."

The horoscope poster was released under a freedom of information application for copies of printed advertising material in English to dissuade people smugglers and asylum seekers trying to reach Australia between 2013 and 2019.

The Department of Home Affairs did not respond to questions about when and where the horoscope poster was displayed.

However, the poster itself gives a few clues, suggesting it was distributed in Sri Lanka within the last few years.

"It is almost four years since any Sri Lankan person reached Australia on an illegal boat voyage," the poster says. "During this period, Australian authorities have stopped and returned more than 160 Sri Lankans who tried to go to Australia illegally by boat."

As part of the Operation Sovereign Borders policy, Australian immigration officers turn back any boats with asylum seekers on board to its country of origin without hearing their refugee claims. -BuzzFeed

Here are the horoscopes in full (via BuzzFeed).

ARIES: Criminals will rip you off

If you attempt to illegally travel to Australia by boat, expect people smugglers to take advantage of you. These criminals will take your money and you will be returned to Sri Lanka with nothing.

AQUARIUS: You and your family will lose everything...

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