90 Miles From Tyranny : The 9 Most Terrifying Moments from the Democrat Debate:

Saturday, December 21, 2019

The 9 Most Terrifying Moments from the Democrat Debate:

Here are the nine most terrifying moments from Thursday night’s Democrat debate. You can basically sum things up this way: if the Democrats ever recapture power, illegal aliens will have more rights than American citizens.

Joe “Burisma” Biden

Joe Biden promises to kill “hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs” as a sacrifice to the gods of the Climate Change hoax:
Moderator: As president, would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth, even knowing potentially that it could displace thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers in the interest of transitioning to that greener economy?

Biden: The answer is yes. The answer is yes because the opportunity — the opportunity for those workers to transition to high-paying jobs, as Tom said, is real.

This is fantasy. It’s unicorn stuff. Biden and Obama already tried this. Remember Solyndra — that $500 gajillion debacle?

Trump is finally getting these guys back to work, finally turning this country and all its natural resources into an energy exporter, and this aging lunatic wants to take us back into the Dark Ages of sun and wind power, and then turn blue-collar guys into computer coders.

And let’s not forget Biden is an idiot. With that answer, he just wrote Trump’s Rust Belt ads.

Andrew “I’m Over Here” Yang

What craziness is this?:

Well, first, we should obviously be paying to relocate Americans away from places that are hit by climate change. … Part of my plan is literally called “Move People to Higher Ground” because that’s what we need to do. And that’s literal and figurative.
Oh, joy, the government’s going to relocate us for “our own good.” And I’m sure it won’t all start with a Trail of Tears to remove Republican voters from swing states.

Demographics is destiny!

Bernie “Pull My Finger” Sanders

The Jew-hater strikes again:

We must understand that right now in Israel we have leadership under Netanyahu, who has recently, as you know, been indicted for bribery, who, in my view, is a racist — what we need is a level playing field in terms of the Middle East, which addresses the terrible crisis in Gaza, where 60 percent or 70 percent of the young people are unemployed.

So we’re going to relocate Americans for their own good and destroy blue-collar jobs, but the Jew-haters in Gaza are going to stay put and President Get Off My Lawn’s going to create jobs for them.

Joe “Burisma” Biden

Stop when any of this sounds familiar:

Here you have 160 million people who negotiated their healthcare plans with their employer, like many of you have. You may or may not like it. If you don’t like it, you can move into the public option that I propose in my plan. But if you like it, you shouldn’t have — you shouldn’t have Washington dictating to you [that] you cannot keep the plan you have.

The same Obama-Biden administration that has already serially lied to us about being able to keep our insurance is shamelessly getting the If You Like It, You Can Keep It band back...

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