90 Miles From Tyranny : MUST WATCH: Woman Loses Her Mind, Violently Attacks Reporter Over Impeachment

Saturday, December 21, 2019

MUST WATCH: Woman Loses Her Mind, Violently Attacks Reporter Over Impeachment

A disgruntled impeachment supporter attacked a journalist last night during an impeachment protest in Austin.

On December 17, 2019, Infowars reporter Savanah Hernandez went to an impeachment rally in front of the Austin city hall to interview demonstrators on why they’re supporting Trump’s impeachment.

She questioned one female demonstrator holding a “Dump Trump” protest sign on her opposition to Trump.

The protestor said, Trump “is on audiotape saying that he grabs people by the p****,” trying to rationalize the false rape allegations against Trump.

She then added, “Our president said that.”

Hernandez followed up by asking, “Did he say that while he was president?”

The protester responded, “It doesn’t matter.”

Annoyed, the demonstrator asked Hernandez, “Could you move that [microphone] three inches away from me?

However, the reporter said “if you want to speak to me into the microphone I need to put it that close to your face to hear it.”

The protester then said, “I don’t want to speak to you” and pointed out that she has a “really bad temper” after Hernandez continued questioning her.

Hernandez commented, “I’m still waiting for you to Google the facts you can’t seem to find.”

This was too much for the protester.

She then proceeded to charge at Hernandez and began shoving her.

Hernandez later posted a video of this attack.

She tweeted, “Tried to have a civil debate with some impeachment protesters here in Austin… I was attacked when a protester got upset because she couldn’t find facts on Google to back up her fake Trump-rape allegations. #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #ImpeachmentEve”
This event was part of a larger set of Trump impeachment rallies held across the nation before the House impeachment vote that...

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  1. If I was a cop there I would have grabbed her by the pussy and arrested her for battery! And for being a stupid bint.

  2. Typical liberal behavior. If they can't persuade with facts and intellect, they resort to violence.


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